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Electric Lock Controller

Operational principle:
1. There are two doors A and B on this system
2. Both of locks are locked and once door A was opened with key (or sensor card), the door B on another side can not be opened unless lock A close, from door B side, unlock with handle, door A also can not be open until door B lock completely
3. On emergency, the inspectors of bank could press C (close 2 doors bottom), all of normal ways (the key, sensor card, manual drive, D (open first door bottom) can not open the doors and we could ensure the safety of bank
4. Once officers in the bank wants to go through the two doors without key or sensor card, the inspector of bank could press D (open first door) to open door A and press E (open second door)
Standard accessories:
1. One piece of control unit
2. Two pieces of electromotor locks
3. One piece of keyboard
4. Two pieces of card readers
5. Two pieces of exit switches
6. Three pieces of EM cards
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