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The system transmits and receives live audio/video over the 2.4GHz
ISM band frequency without cables between transmitters and receivers.
Therefore you can install at low cost and use very easily .
*2.4GHz ISM band can be used without the need for a license in most countries.
1.A transmitter (PWT-201) : Transmits Video/Audio to receiver in FM
2.A receiver (PWR-204) : Demodulates FM modulated Video/Audio to be monitored on TV or Monitors
3.A DC Adapter for converting AC 220V to DC 12V
4.Two dipole antennas
5.A RCA Cable for video and audio signals transmission

Main Features

1.High quality video/audio adopting FM modulation.
So available for multimedia purpose as well as for security and surveillance.
2.Capable of 4 channel transmission.
3.Range up to 100m in line of sight with zero gain antenna.
4.Systems can be installed easily.
5.Compatible with NTSC and PAL
6.Easy to move and install due to compact size and no cables.
7.Minimum outer interferences due to metal case.
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