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1. Rated voltage: 12V DC
2. Working current: 150mA
3. Static current: 15mA
4. Electric control lock opening voltage range: 6 to 18V DC
5. Unlocking mode: Electrical opening, knob/push button opening and cylinder for key opening; RFID card, Remote control (H2088GYK)
6. H2088GYK with double reader and remote control function
7. Lock opening delay time: automatically lock within 9s if the door is not opened
8. Alarm time: 3 minutes
9. Working way: magnetic detector
10. Lock tongue reach-out length: 20mm
11. Dimension: 130X107X55mm
12. Lifespan: above 500,000 times
13. Suitable for both left open and right open, both inward, and out-swing door
14. High security, anti-interrupted and low noise, silent
15. Authority certification: CE approved.
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