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1.Holding force of this series:280kg,600lbs
2.Scope of application:application all type of frame door can choose bracket.swinging door:90 degree.for in-swing door or out-swing door
3.Power off to unlock, fail-safe operation, N.C. type
5.Temperature rating:-40c-65c
6.Voltage:12 V DC (12/24 V DC jumper for item EB230GF and EB230GSF)
7.For access control systems with high traffic doors,contain none of moving parts and there are maintenance free and durable
8.The meaning of A/G/D/S/X/F
A.flushing installation/mortice mounted,special for Intercom system
G.hanging installation/surface mounted
D.with alert LEDS.for double-open doors
X.delay function:the time delay is adjustable
F.door situation & lock situation monitoring,feedback
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