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PVCS Pro HD is a software-based multi point control unit (MCU), that provides users the ability to conduct multiparty video conference calls with just a single click. Video Conference meetings can be initiated from a desktop, conference room or on the road, and with the PVCS ProHD full transcoding provides the best media experience for all users regardless of location or internet connection speed, while using only standards based servers and no proprietary hardware appliances.

Software video conferencing is designed to meet the demands of high performance video conferencing even with a standard PC and Internet connection, including broadband and mobile wireless data cards. It includes the most advanced video technology for viewing both meeting participants as well as data collaboration, including live sharing of PPT's, docs, excel sheets and video files. Its audio system provides inbuilt echo cancellation, background noise suppression, and is highly resilient to network errors common on the Internet.

  1. PVCS Pro HD is Fully Software based MCU with capability to connect to any IP Based H.323 Hardware Video Conference device with the Optional H.323 Module.
  2. The Solution is capable to Connect Simultaneously from 2 to 1000 Locations in a Single Conference.
  3. The Core Technology supports Multicasting , Unicasting And One Way Users.
  4. Supports 24, 48 or 96 videos in single screen.
  5. Supports 12 simultaneous audio channels.
  6. Supports more than 1000 one way users in single conference.
  7. Supports full screen video option.
  8. Has inbuilt Application Sharing.
  9. Has ability to share power point,ms word, pdf, excel documents.
  10. Is capable of sharing multimedia files
  11. Able to do DESKTOP SHARING and also pass on the Control of Desktop to Remote User if required.
  12. Fully Encrypt the video conference meetings.
  13. Online file transfer.
  14. Inbulit digital white board.
  15. Inbuilt Feature Of POLLING.
  16. Multiparty Text Chat And Also Private Chat.
  17. Create multiple virtual Conference Rooms to allow many Video Conference secessions to be conducted together.
  18. DUAL DISPLAY: The Solution is be capable to show Presentation and Multiple Videos in Dual Screens as well as Combined Screen.
  19. Remote Control Of PTZ Camera: The Solution is capable to remotely Controlling the PTZ Camera of other Locations using People Link PTZ Camera.
  20. Inbuilt Video Recording.
  21. Capability to connect to PSTN and Mobile Phones using Optional Pstn Connectivity Module.
  22. Can call any PSTN and Mobile phone using OPTIONAL:VOIP Module.
  23. Capability to connect to SIP devices like SIP Video Phones, SIP Phones Using OPTIONAL:SIP-based videoconferencing soft-switch gateway Module.
  24. Capability to send SMSs to conference participants using OPTIONAL :SMS Module and SMS Modem
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